Nelson Dog Training Club is a multi-discipline dog training club.

Management 2019/20

Upcoming AGM. Profile - Jen Calder

I began my association with dogs as a young child when I trained our family Labrador to track and sneak up on the rival group of kids in the forestry block behind our house. He also retrieved on demand and kept our guinea pigs within the confines of our yard – without harming them.

I began to read more about dog behavior and how people have lived with dogs over the years. Still something I do avidly.

My first dog was a German Shepherd bitch which I got at just 3 weeks old. No socialising with littler mates was her major problem and she took 18 months to graduate from what we now call Essential Skills class at Christchurch Dog Training Club. I moved to Kapiti where I joined the Kapiti Dog Training Club, here I was introduced to Working Trials. Ultimately, Sleeze Bum became a well-balanced social dog and we together achieved the South Islands first Working Trial Champion. She ended her Obedience career in Test C with 2 Ch wins and several 2nd and 3rd places- unfortunately not as an Ob Ch due to Champ status being tied to Show Regs. Ie all her 2nds and 3rds were beaten by a bitch. Only one bitch and one dog Challenge allowed at each show. Thank goodness this rule has changed.

Since “Sleeze Bum” aka WT CH Lisa I have had a number of different breeds, both my own and others borrowed or trained for other people. German Shepherds, Weimaraner, Bearded Collie, Yorkshire Terriers, Foxy Spaniel Cross, Afghan and Labrador. I have finally settled on Flatcoated Retrievers, I’m now on my 6th FCR. I also have by default a breed I never thought I’d have – an ACD – not only that she’s a deaf one.

As well as being a Life Member of the Nelson Dog Training Club for which I am truly proud, I am involved in a Field Trial Club and have done breed showing over many years. I also was involved in the beginnings of Working Trials in the Nelson region. I have an extramural Level 3 qualification from Massey University studying dog behaviour and social structure within human society. Hence my interest and wholehearted support for the establishment of CGC as a basic and essential discipline offered by our club.

Over the many years I have been a NCOC/NDTC member I have been involved in all aspects of Obedience training, the introduction of Agility / Jumpers and Flyball and latterly CGC and Rally-O to the club. The development and constant redevelopment and improvement of the Domestic Training courses. I have also served as a Committee Member since joining in the late 1970’s with only a few breaks for work commitments, I have served the club as Treasurer and President more than once or twice.

For the privilege of being a Life Member I want to give as much back to the club as I can and am still keen to serve on the Management Committee for this reason.

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Jill O'Brien

I’m sure most of you already know who I am, but for those who don’t, my name is Jill.

I’ve been a member of the Nelson Dog Training Club for three years now. I have tried out most of the dog sports that Nelson club has to offer but have found myself enjoying agility, CGC, and obedience the most.

I enjoy the social side of the club which is why I’m mostly seen without a dog and instead with a coffee in hand and talking far to much.

I would love the club to be a place where new members feel comfortable and are welcomed with open arms. We have oodles of knowledge amongst our current members and I believe its super important that this is shared to ensure everyone gets the best from their dogs and enjoys the atmosphere of our club.

Thank you for your consideration to be on management committee.

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Teresa Treweek

Hi my name is Teresa Treweek,

I've been a member for a little while, I come from an all breeds dog showing background. At the moment I'm attempting agility and canine good citizen with my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Buttons. I like coming to the club and seeing people enjoying time with their dogs.

I also organize the essential skills class so if you wanna step up and support your club come find me to volunteer to instruct one!

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Kathryn Konieczny

I have been a financial member of the Nelson Dog Training Club for almost twelve years. So, most of you will already know me. During this time, I have trained four dogs in Agility, some were successful but the majority NOT.

During the past year, I have been co-Instructor of the Bronze Agility class (Beginners in Agility) which has been challenging and rewarding.

Currently, I am a member of the Management Committee, as Agility liaison and Funding Coordinator. I am also a member of the Agility Sub-Committee and Training coordinator. At this time, I would like to put my name forward once again to be a member of the Management Committee for 2019-2020.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kathryn A Konieczny

Nominated by Joan Duncan and Michelle Craven

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Joan Duncan

I have been on the Management Committee for several years, and a club member for many years. I am involved mainly with Obedience. At present I am the Show Secretary for Obedience, and I am helping with the beginner obedience class. In additon I have taken some Essential Skills Classes.

joan (3).jpg

I have trained 2 dogs to Test C and RE for Rally O, represented the Club in the Mini Assembly Team and the Southern Region Team in two NDOAs in Rally O.


Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Linda Mortimer

Hello fellow crazy dog people,


I have been a part of the Nelson Dog Training Club since 1970 approximately, hanging out looking after my sister while my Mum Shirley Albert trained and competed with our Standard Poodle Fifi. I later followed my sister Susan into the Agility world with my crazy little rehome Shelbie (long story there). Seemed the thing to do after my sister had followed me into years of horses I was even a foundation member of the Wakapuaka Pony Club out on the Sandflats where I still frequent now with my dogs.

I took over from my sister on a Saturday Morning who took the only agility class! It grew from there and more and more classes developed.

Shelbie was joined by Fletcher who was the best teacher in dog language, he was known to be a bit grumpy, but after extensive research and trial I found a pleasant way to manage it and Fletcher went on to get ADX Gold, competed in Senior and was close to gaining 400 clear round certificates. Kola joined us in 2004 my beautiful chocolate angel….gaining ADX and over 200 clear rounds. I won’t go into them all now. Later came along Chai, Edge, Haze, Limit, Fling and the latest Kilt all Border Collies. Chai became the first JA dog in Nelson just pipping Linley Barrett and Kliff on the same day! Chai gained her FD in Flygility along the way. We have dabbled in Obedience, CGC and very early on Rally O and Working Trials.

Being a current member of the dog club for over 23 odd years I have been a jack of all positions, I can’t remember how many years on Management but close to 20. I have filled every position; each served for multiple years, my latest as Secretary. I sit on the Hope Domain Recreation Board being a strong voice for our club!

I believe a good Management Committee member needs to be mindful of all of the clubs disciplines and capabilities of the club members, we should treat everyone with the same respect whether a new club member that might not know the ropes yet to a Senior member who is a wealth of knowledge.

Always up for a chat and a coffee if you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to help the best I can,

So much more to say but think I will keep it short this time,

Linda Mortimer

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Judy Robinson

Judy Robinson’s 2019 profile for the NDTC committee

Governance/Management Board and Committee Experience
• Nelson Women’s and Children Refuge – Treasurer 2014-2018
• Nelson Women’s and Children’s – Collective member 2005-2009
• Nelson City Council Safer Cycle and Pathways Committee – 2017-2018
• Nelson Tasman Youth Strategy Committee – 2016-2018
• Tahunanui Business Association- Executive Board - 2012-2018
• Nelson Tasman Community Led Development - Facilitator 2011
• Central Otago Serious Injury Rehabilitation – Implementation Group 2001-2003
• Wanaka Lakes Swimming Club- President - 1998-2001
• Central Otago Gymnastic Club –Chairperson -1997-2001
• Wanaka Preschool – Vice Chairperson- 1990 -1993
• Montessori Preschool- Committee member - 1987

Work and life skills attained through both employment and voluntary responsibilities include the following:

• Policy writing for C.Y.F.S, Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Education along with service delivery moderation
• Preparation of Submissions and subsequent presentations to local government
• Philanthropic Grant and Funding application and accountability reporting
• Clear understanding of N.G.O constitution formatting and implementation

Nelson Dog Training Club

I first became involved in the club 7 years ago when I sought help and guidance with training Hush, who I thought at the time was an unruly dog. I joined a Challenging Behaviour class and quickly got hooked and moved onto Obedience then dabbled in the discipline of Agility, but very quickly learnt that Agility was well beyond me and my dogs’ capabilities.

I continued to take part in Obedience and Rally-O and have enjoyed participating in the shows and ribbon days that have been held at the club.

Canine Good Citizens suits me and my dogs’ best, and so now we spend most of our time at the club involved in this pursuit of pleasure and responsibility of a good mannered and responsive dog whilst enjoying the company of likeminded people.

Outside of NDTC, I participate in Breed Confirmation dog showing and follow my passion to breed sound, beautiful and fit for purpose Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I believe that I have the time and skills to be able to actively contribute the club’s committee and look forward to gaining new skills and making a strong contribution to this active and collaborative club.

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Claire Smith



I am Claire Smith and I am re-standing as President of the Nelson Dog Training Club.

Most club members will know me, but for those who don’t, I have been around since I was about 8 years old when I started with my dog Sam (20+ years now!) But remember coming to the then Nelson Canine Obedience Club with my mum when classes were held at the Trafalgar Centre. I am now currently working 3 dogs: Riot, Hype and Wicked in Agility and Rally-O and intend on getting back into the Obedience ring with Wicked.

I feel I am a very well rounded Club member having trained and competed in all 3 disciplines, being Agility, Obedience and Rally-O. I have the knowledge of how all the activities our club offers works, and the problems they face.

I have held many jobs within the Club over the years, from a member on both Agility and Obedience Sub Committees, Agility Sub Committee Co-ordinator a few times, Newsletter editor, Management Committee member for many years, Essential Skills/Domestic Obedience Co-ordinator, Treasurer, Champ Show Sponsorship Finder, and 2018/19 President. Over the years I have instructed various classes – most recently the Bronze (Foundation) agility classes, and I always try to take a few classes a year of Essential Skills. As you can see I think that it is very important to give back to the club and I also give back to the NZ wide sport of agility as a current member of the New Zealand Agility Committee for the second time, which is the governing committee for agility which sits under Dogs NZ.

I believe in encouraging all our club members to achieve their goals in whatever sport they choose, encouraging and supporting our club members to give back to the club and in building our club up to being the best club we can be. We may all choose to do different sports with our dogs, but no sport is more or less important than another and we need to work together as a WHOLE club, not just a part of.

I look forward to your vote to once again giving back to our Club by continuing on as President for the 2019/2020 year.

Claire Smith

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Michelle Craven

I first became a member of NDTC (was NCOC back then) many years ago, I can’t quite remember but would have been roughly 1994 when the club was still based at Jubilee Park. I dabbled in obedience with a very strong-willed Corgi until she was about 11yrs old. After several years away and a dog breed change, I returned approximately 8 years ago with a German Shepherd and started competing in obedience and rally O. Another German Shepherd down and I am now currently dabbling in agility with a loud-mouthed Corgi x Jack Russell cross while awaiting another shepherd baby to restart training in obedience and rally O. Over the years I have instructed many Essential skills classes and filled in for several other classes along with stewarding obedience tests at ribbon trials and champ shows. I have been on the management committee for about four years and really enjoy helping to make decisions involving the running of our club. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that keeps our fantastic club ticking over. I would love to be elected for another year.

Happy Dogging


Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Judith Friend

Hi Fellow N.D.T.C. members.


JUDITH FRIEND who is she?

Well I'm The Mature Grey Haired Woman wearing Hi Viz way down the Tennis Court end of the Domain on a Saturday morning. Co co-ordinating Rally-O. along with Jan Dean.

I've been a member of the ND.T.C. for more years than I can remember (20+yrs).

I've spent 3 or more years on the Management in the past.

I feel it's time to be nominated back on to Management in order to be "More aware of ALL that is Happening/Changing in The Dog Sport World". Also to "Best Enable Me to Support ALL Who Participate in Rally-O. Indeed to Support ALL Members of N.D.T.C.".

Enjoy Your Day.

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Linley Barrett

Hi all! For those that don’t know me, I’m that person in the heading! I first started at NDTC (then ‘Nelson Canine Obedience Club’) as a small person (I’m still rather short but a lot older now!) at about 8 or 9 years old? I had a pretty cool wee Australian Terrier called Ruby, and we dabbled in obedience and did a few competitions.

A few years later I rejoined in my 20’s with my Cattle Dog X, Cheyanne. We moved up the ranks to Test A in Obedience before the Agility game possessed us. Back in those days most of us ran with the dog on the LEFT only. By the end of Chey’s career we had achieved a CDX and ADX, and running on the RIGHT in agility! Pretty funny now when I look back at it.

My next beautiful fella was Kliff’s Edge CDX ADXG JDX, a BC X Smithfield (a rehome I acquired at the age of 2) who was my first dog into Senior. Wotta Fly’n Fluke came next (Cattle Dog X Terrier?) because I love the Cattle Dog loyalty and character. During this time I became involved in more up to date training and revamped our old agility format of one 8 week course, to the current system we now have of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nov/Int, Advanced. Although the current is not exactly how it was initially set up, this helped people struggling and dogs being put into dangerous situations before they had the experience or training. I instructed Bronze agility for many years and then went on to instruct Silver for a few years.


I organized the first Flygility tournament under the NDTC banner and was involved in Flygility for many years (though not so much recently, due to time). Due to NDTC holding tournaments, Fluke and Linda Mortimer’s Chai gained the Flygility Dog title, FD (a first for NDTC).

I have held various NDTC jobs over the years, Agility Coordinator, Flygility Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, and Agility Training Coordinator. Currently – Vice President, Agility Coordinator and Website Editor.

So as you can see, I’ve been around a bit!

I currently run Truce (a BC rehome) in Agility. I am attempting to venture into Rally-O with Fluke and hopefully learn a new sport. Blue is my new naughty firecracker baby (Cattle Dog X BC), and that one is TBA! Yeah.. Probably Agility.

Me personally? I would like to promote and support more members to assist in activities, so that a diverse group of ideas can enhance and grow our club into more exciting things. I want to see all sports in our club promoted and enjoyed. I believe all members need a voice and should be made to feel welcome.


From Linley, Fluke, Truce and Blue..

Linley Barrett