Nelson Dog Training Club is a multi-discipline dog training club.

Management 2019/20

Upcoming AGM. Profile - Judith Friend

Hi Fellow N.D.T.C. members.


JUDITH FRIEND who is she?

Well I'm The Mature Grey Haired Woman wearing Hi Viz way down the Tennis Court end of the Domain on a Saturday morning. Co co-ordinating Rally-O. along with Jan Dean.

I've been a member of the ND.T.C. for more years than I can remember (20+yrs).

I've spent 3 or more years on the Management in the past.

I feel it's time to be nominated back on to Management in order to be "More aware of ALL that is Happening/Changing in The Dog Sport World". Also to "Best Enable Me to Support ALL Who Participate in Rally-O. Indeed to Support ALL Members of N.D.T.C.".

Enjoy Your Day.

Linley Barrett