Nelson Dog Training Club is a multi-discipline dog training club.

Management 2019/20

Upcoming AGM. Profile - Linley Barrett


Hi all! For those that don’t know me, I’m that person in the heading! I first started at NDTC (then ‘Nelson Canine Obedience Club’) as a small person (I’m still rather short but a lot older now!) at about 8 or 9 years old? I had a pretty cool wee Australian Terrier called Ruby, and we dabbled in obedience and did a few competitions.

A few years later I rejoined in my 20’s with my Cattle Dog X, Cheyanne. We moved up the ranks to Test A in Obedience before the Agility game possessed us. Back in those days most of us ran with the dog on the LEFT only. By the end of Chey’s career we had achieved a CDX and ADX, and running on the RIGHT in agility! Pretty funny now when I look back at it.

My next beautiful fella was Kliff’s Edge CDX ADXG JDX, a BC X Smithfield (a rehome I acquired at the age of 2) who was my first dog into Senior. Wotta Fly’n Fluke came next (Cattle Dog X Terrier?) because I love the Cattle Dog loyalty and character. During this time I became involved in more up to date training and revamped our old agility format of one 8 week course, to the current system we now have of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nov/Int, Advanced. Although the current is not exactly how it was initially set up, this helped people struggling and dogs being put into dangerous situations before they had the experience or training. I instructed Bronze agility for many years and then went on to instruct Silver for a few years.


I organized the first Flygility tournament under the NDTC banner and was involved in Flygility for many years (though not so much recently, due to time). Due to NDTC holding tournaments, Fluke and Linda Mortimer’s Chai gained the Flygility Dog title, FD (a first for NDTC).

I have held various NDTC jobs over the years, Agility Coordinator, Flygility Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, and Agility Training Coordinator. Currently – Vice President, Agility Coordinator and Website Editor.

So as you can see, I’ve been around a bit!

I currently run Truce (a BC rehome) in Agility. I am attempting to venture into Rally-O with Fluke and hopefully learn a new sport. Blue is my new naughty firecracker baby (Cattle Dog X BC), and that one is TBA! Yeah.. Probably Agility.

Me personally? I would like to promote and support more members to assist in activities, so that a diverse group of ideas can enhance and grow our club into more exciting things. I want to see all sports in our club promoted and enjoyed. I believe all members need a voice and should be made to feel welcome.


From Linley, Fluke, Truce and Blue..

Linley Barrett