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New Essential Skills Grads - No tall tail!
essential skills suzanne.jpg

Recent Essential Skills graduates. Class taken by Suzanne Gilbert with Juliette Wells!

Stan, Ange and Tusca.
Karenne and Indy.
Marina and Chania.
Jo and Ruby.
Emma and Trip.
Josina and Jake.

Let’s give these guys a big round of ap-paws! Graduation was a bit soggy with the rain.

Linley Barrett
New Agility Good Dawgs!

Congrats to our new graduates!

Bronze Graduates
Cassy with Francesca Rynn
Izzie with Jenna Cookson
Trixie with Catherine Williams
Tilly with Ruth Eden
Ziva with Maria Frahm
Skye with Julie Cheeseman
Milo with Jayne Hamilton
Poppy with Chris Henderson
Indy with Hilary Burbidge
Kea with Robyn Dunmore

Silver Graduates

Buttons with Teresa Treweek
Meg with Karen Dunlea
Wicked with Claire Smith
Kilt with Linda Mortimer
Max with Grant Pearce

Off to Gold!

Gold Graduates

Abbie with Lola Anderson
George with Liz Winterbee
Fern with Gail Bramley
Ben with Juliette Wells
Juno with Suzanne Gilbert
Rio and Joanna Martin
Archie and Alex Weary

Welcome to Novice/Intermediate

Linley Barrett
OB CH Lexi von Heisenberg
Welcome to the ranks of Obedience Champions, crazy Greta

Greta aka Lexi von Heisenberg was born July 2013. Lorraine said to me before I got her, "She has got very high drives, I do hope you are up to this". Yep she has an oral fixation if she is not working, she wants to find something to put in her mouth, toy, bone or anything which most humans and even dogs do not consider edible. She can do a 5km hike, in which she has probably done 15km as she goes ahead and back to me repeatedly, then come home and hoon around the lawn with her tug rope trying to entice me or the other dogs to play. Her drive for a toy is almost lethal. If you don’t have it the right way you will be bloodied. I had to learn to do a false tug or I would have two dislocated shoulders and probably elbows. I am sure I have created a monster!

On the positive side she is the most beautiful tempered GSD with dogs and people, as long as you don’t mind having your mouth licked as a greeting. She is rock solid with other dogs , including puppies, she may send them flying if they grab the end of her tug, but she even modified that to teach the meek and mentally scared Mikey how to tug.

Greta has been the hardest dog to proof for her heeling. What I get in training is 100% in the ring... sometimes no effort whatsoever. Her eyes and brain are outside the ring mentally engaged with the toy she knows has been left outside the ring. Despite many failures, days of great heeling with broken stays, great stays with shit heeling, most other exercises get done with great enthusiasm.

However Greta decided this year was her year. Our only two trips away this year have resulted in three precious challenges. Welcome to the ranks of Obedience Champions, crazy Greta.

Love Proud Mumma Bear, Jean

Linley Barrett
OB CH Jalain Ace Adventurer TCQ, CDXG, RE

AJ gained his first challenge in September 2017, and finally gained his third and final challenge to be an Obedience Champion at our June Champs! YEAH! This follows a frustrating two years of health issues with his paw- a cut, followed by a corn which wasn’t diagnosed as the cause to his lameness on hard ground until August last year. An operation later, more time for healing and running in a boot, and I finally have a dog running on all fours! We have spent the time competing through the CD trails to achieve our CDX Gold, and competing in the Rally O ring to achieve our RE.

AJ is a creative dog- you never know when he is going to deviate from the Test C judge’s script! -and it’s always done with bright eyes and a wagging tail. Very frustrating for the handler – character building I think it’s called. However, life with AJ is never boring and that’s what I love about my happy, enthusiastic boy.

Thank you so much to our club’s awesome senior handlers for all their time in helping us with training, advice and encouragement.

Joan and AJ

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Judith Friend

Hi Fellow N.D.T.C. members.

JUDITH FRIEND who is she?

Well I'm The Mature Grey Haired Woman wearing Hi Viz way down the Tennis Court end of the Domain on a Saturday morning. Co co-ordinating Rally-O. along with Jan Dean.

I've been a member of the ND.T.C. for more years than I can remember (20+yrs).

I've spent 3 or more years on the Management in the past.

I feel it's time to be nominated back on to Management in order to be "More aware of ALL that is Happening/Changing in The Dog Sport World". Also to "Best Enable Me to Support ALL Who Participate in Rally-O. Indeed to Support ALL Members of N.D.T.C.".

Enjoy Your Day.

Linley Barrett
Upcoming AGM. Profile - Linley Barrett

Hi all! For those that don’t know me, I’m that person in the heading! I first started at NDTC (then ‘Nelson Canine Obedience Club’) as a small person (I’m still rather short but a lot older now!) at about 8 or 9 years old? I had a pretty cool wee Australian Terrier called Ruby, and we dabbled in obedience and did a few competitions.

A few years later I rejoined in my 20’s with my Cattle Dog X, Cheyanne. We moved up the ranks to Test A in Obedience before the Agility game possessed us. Back in those days most of us ran with the dog on the LEFT only. By the end of Chey’s career we had achieved a CDX and ADX, and running on the RIGHT in agility! Pretty funny now when I look back at it.

My next beautiful fella was Kliff’s Edge CDX ADXG JDX, a BC X Smithfield (a rehome I acquired at the age of 2) who was my first dog into Senior. Wotta Fly’n Fluke came next (Cattle Dog X Terrier?) because I love the Cattle Dog loyalty and character. During this time I became involved in more up to date training and revamped our old agility format of one 8 week course, to the current system we now have of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nov/Int, Advanced. Although the current is not exactly how it was initially set up, this helped people struggling and dogs being put into dangerous situations before they had the experience or training. I instructed Bronze agility for many years and then went on to instruct Silver for a few years.


I organized the first Flygility tournament under the NDTC banner and was involved in Flygility for many years (though not so much recently, due to time). Due to NDTC holding tournaments, Fluke and Linda Mortimer’s Chai gained the Flygility Dog title, FD (a first for NDTC).

I have held various NDTC jobs over the years, Agility Coordinator, Flygility Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, and Agility Training Coordinator. Currently – Vice President, Agility Coordinator and Website Editor.

So as you can see, I’ve been around a bit!

I currently run Truce (a BC rehome) in Agility. I am attempting to venture into Rally-O with Fluke and hopefully learn a new sport. Blue is my new naughty firecracker baby (Cattle Dog X BC), and that one is TBA! Yeah.. Probably Agility.

Me personally? I would like to promote and support more members to assist in activities, so that a diverse group of ideas can enhance and grow our club into more exciting things. I want to see all sports in our club promoted and enjoyed. I believe all members need a voice and should be made to feel welcome.


From Linley, Fluke, Truce and Blue..

Linley Barrett
Back to School! No Wagging!

Rally-O is back Saturday 2nd. - 9.30am

New Essential Skills class begins Saturday, February 16th - 11.15am

Gold Agility class starts back Saturday 2nd. - 9.00am set up.

All other classes start February, 9th at their traditional times.

DSC_0080 -1.jpg

If you are looking to sign up for a class and join us, please visit our Essential Skills page. This is the gateway class to Nelson Dog Training Club – all members must graduate from this class to be able to take part in other classes.

My therapist has a wagging tail
Linley Barrett
What's Up Dawg? Barking up the right tree.

Woofs from Blenheim Canine Training Club Championship Agility Event (1st and 2nd December) are some cool dog results and achievements from some NDTC people and their athletic pups.

Teresa Tweweek and Buttons. Photo by Linda Humphries.

Teresa Tweweek and Buttons. Photo by Linda Humphries.

Teresa Tweweek and Buttons the Staffie competed for the first time at championship level.


Yvonne Fraser and Ally (Lagotto Romagnolo) won Novice twice and was 4th in two Starters. She achieved her second AD earning the title 'AD'. 9 starts and 7 clear round making her 'Blenheim Canine Training Club' Small Top Dog for the weekend.

From Janine Stephens - "Bentley and I spent the weekend in Blenheim competing at their agility champ show. Someone gave me a doppelganger dog. The one I competed with definitely wasn’t the dog I’ve competed with previously. We were entered in eight events, 5 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, and weren’t eliminated in any of them. We came away with 4 official clear rounds, 2 clear rounds but with time faults, and 2 events with 1 fault each plus time faults. In all but one event we were in the top 10 placings against 50 or more competitors. Who was that dog that didn’t sniff his way round the course, take his time or decide that zoomies were the order of the day though there were a couple of moments when this did show, in one instance he was just an inch from heading up the A frame before deciding that he should really come with me and do the weaves. A great end of the agility year, thank you Mr Bentley and all the help everyone has given us this year."

Bentley. Photo by Linda Humphries

Bentley. Photo by Linda Humphries

This is what Tyson won in Blenheim!
— Gail Bramley


Poppy. Photo by Linda Humphries

Poppy. Photo by Linda Humphries

From Elizabeth Winterbee.. Well I'm a proud canine mum - Being an older dog (shes 11), I enter Poppy in just two events each day ..Novice she got a 5 seconds time penalty (to be expected most of the time - she's 'elderly' and got really tiny legs ☺), but got 3 clear round certificates in Starters. First time she's got three in one comp.

Thanks to all the contributors! Full results can be found at Dogs NZ Agility. Check out some awesome images below by Linda Humphries from the weekend.

Management Committee 2018/2019

President: Claire Smith
Vice President: Linley Barrett
Secretary: Linda Mortimer
Treasurer: Janine Stephens

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