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OB CH Jalain Ace Adventurer TCQ, CDXG, RE


AJ gained his first challenge in September 2017, and finally gained his third and final challenge to be an Obedience Champion at our June Champs! YEAH! This follows a frustrating two years of health issues with his paw- a cut, followed by a corn which wasn’t diagnosed as the cause to his lameness on hard ground until August last year. An operation later, more time for healing and running in a boot, and I finally have a dog running on all fours! We have spent the time competing through the CD trails to achieve our CDX Gold, and competing in the Rally O ring to achieve our RE.

AJ is a creative dog- you never know when he is going to deviate from the Test C judge’s script! -and it’s always done with bright eyes and a wagging tail. Very frustrating for the handler – character building I think it’s called. However, life with AJ is never boring and that’s what I love about my happy, enthusiastic boy.

Thank you so much to our club’s awesome senior handlers for all their time in helping us with training, advice and encouragement.

Joan and AJ

Linley Barrett