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OB CH Lexi von Heisenberg

Welcome to the ranks of Obedience Champions, crazy Greta

Greta aka Lexi von Heisenberg was born July 2013. Lorraine said to me before I got her, "She has got very high drives, I do hope you are up to this". Yep she has an oral fixation if she is not working, she wants to find something to put in her mouth, toy, bone or anything which most humans and even dogs do not consider edible. She can do a 5km hike, in which she has probably done 15km as she goes ahead and back to me repeatedly, then come home and hoon around the lawn with her tug rope trying to entice me or the other dogs to play. Her drive for a toy is almost lethal. If you don’t have it the right way you will be bloodied. I had to learn to do a false tug or I would have two dislocated shoulders and probably elbows. I am sure I have created a monster!

On the positive side she is the most beautiful tempered GSD with dogs and people, as long as you don’t mind having your mouth licked as a greeting. She is rock solid with other dogs , including puppies, she may send them flying if they grab the end of her tug, but she even modified that to teach the meek and mentally scared Mikey how to tug.

Greta has been the hardest dog to proof for her heeling. What I get in training is 100% in the ring... sometimes no effort whatsoever. Her eyes and brain are outside the ring mentally engaged with the toy she knows has been left outside the ring. Despite many failures, days of great heeling with broken stays, great stays with shit heeling, most other exercises get done with great enthusiasm.

However Greta decided this year was her year. Our only two trips away this year have resulted in three precious challenges. Welcome to the ranks of Obedience Champions, crazy Greta.

Love Proud Mumma Bear, Jean

Linley Barrett