Nelson Dog Training Club is a multi-discipline dog training club.



Competitive Obedience is exactly what you would imagine - obedient and well trained dogs having their abilities tested. 

Once you have completed your 'Essential Skills' course, you can join 'The Nelson Dog Training Club' and attend classes to train in 'Obedience'.

Criteria - Completion of the ‘Essential Skills’ class and must be a club member.  
Course Duration – Open
Course Content – Heelwork with left, right and about turns, recall from a sit and stand position to a straight sit in front of you, sit and down stays 1-2 mins.
Cost – NIL
Time – Saturday 11am
Where to after that? – Proceed to the Senior class level and competitions.

SENIOR (Novice, Test A, Test B and Test C)
Criteria - Completion of the Elementary class and must be a club member.  
Course Duration – Open
Course Content – Exercises on and off lead. Recalls, retrieves and stays with increasing difficulty.  
Cost – NIL
Time – Saturday 9am
Where to after that? – Become an instructor (optional).